My road trip last week involved a couple of conferences, fake work, a much-needed vacation, visiting family, one or two "appointments," and a snaking line across the upper Midwest with diversions whenever possible.  We managed to drive through eight of our fine United States in the process.  I took one hundred and fifty-seven photos on my camera and now cannot get my card reader to recognize my SD card so I can get even a single one of those off and into some sort of viewable format.  I'm being held hostage by a one-inch square piece of plastic.  

First world problem. 

Since I cannot show you the one hundred and fifty-four photos I took of buildings and three pictures I took of my foot by mistake (and since you'll probably be bored with that when I do), I will share with you some of the road trip discussion wherein we decided to rewrite all the mottoes of states and cities we visited based on our experience there. 
  • Virginia: How Did I Not Know the Virginia State Motto is Also the Phrase Yelled by John Wilkes Booth After He Shot President Lincoln?
  • Northern Maryland: Feel Like Sitting on the Roof of Your Car While Driving on the Interstate? Apparently, That's OK Here.
  • Pennsylvania: You'll Enjoy It a Lot More If You Never Leave Your Car.
  • Southern Pennsylvania: It Makes More Sense if You Call it Pennsyltucky.
  • Pittsburgh: We're Not Big on the Service Industry Here.
  • Ohio: Ohio, Ohio. There, I Said it Twice.
  • Cincinnati: Better Than You Expected.
  • Toledo: Exactly What You Expected.
  • Indiana: Oh Crap - We Totally Forgot this Existed! Another Half Day to Chicago.
  • LaFayette, (Indiana): Come for the Triple XXX Family Restaurant, Stay for the Milk Shake with a Sundae on Top.
  • Illinois: You Can't Buy a Whole Pie Here.
  • Chicago: Architecture Porn.
  • Kentucky: Yeah, Yeah, We Just Drove Across the Bridge to Say We'd Been Here Too.

Clearly, we have stimulating, intellectual conversations while driving and a mind, stretched by a new idea, can never return to its original dimensions.