I work with the teenage girls at church these days and we hold activities one night every week in addition to Sunday services.  These weekday activities tend to be in the nature of education or personal development and so far I've forced encouraged them to learn to crochet, zumba, speak extemporaneously, cook, start book clubs, visit the elderly, write to missionaries and servicemen, and a multitude of other things that they generally don't care about but I  somehow think will make them more well-rounded people one day and/or use their innate creativity. Stay tuned to home and auto repair night... oh it's comin'.

There are a few adults in charge of this group and we all take different nights to plan and lead the activity but when one of them flakes has a family emergency, it usually falls to me to figure out what to do that night, even if that person flakes has a family emergency less than an hour before the beginning of said activity.

Last week, I'd used up all my ace in the hole activities when this happened, so I looked in my refrigerator and found a variety of vegetables, cheese and tortillas.  I emptied it all into a cooler, printed out the top five songs on billboard and the first five book titles I could think of and the game of Quesadilla Charades was born. 

Basically, they each had to choose a song or book title from a hat and then depict it on their quesadilla.  The only rule was the quesadilla had to be edible when finished.  Then we baked the quesadillas and everyone had to guess what each quesadilla were supposed to be.  Ultimately, I had to give them the whole list of possibilities and let them match the title with the quesadilla.   

Below are the results.  Enjoy.

"Goodnight Moon" (This one, I think, is brilliant because of the excellent use of figure-ground perception for the moon.  Like the arrow in the FedEx logo.)

"Call Me Maybe" (I believe that's a refried bean phone.  If you ask me, I don't really see it.)

"Green Eggs and Ham"

"We Are Young" (This one had to be explained to me  - it's a torch, meant to depict a lyric in the song "We can burn brighter than the sun." Also, I am old and out of touch.)

"Wide Awake" (This one had a three-dimensional form which is difficult to depict in a photograph.  The green onion is person sitting up in bed.  I actually got this one. I'm quite proud.)

"Wild Ones" (Um.... yeah.  I can only figure that this was a concept piece.)

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" (My favorite.)