I've always had a thing for cemeteries. I'm not sure whether it's the peacefulness of the place, or whether it's just inbred. I used to have an uncle who was a funeral director so I spent a lot of time immersed in that world when we visited. Maybe I just like the fact that other people think it's weird. When I was in high school, I used to go on dates to the cemetery. No to do anything illicit, just to walk around and talk. The best dates were with guys who weren't creeped out by that -- the cemetery OR the talking -- but instead thought it was cool. (For the record, neither I nor those guys were cool; I'm completely aware of that now.) The other day, I took The Caterpillar and went walking. It was early morning, peaceful and a beautiful day. I plan to post quite a few of the photos I took over the next week or so. Because I can.

Cemeteries always have beautifully kept grounds.

Interesting buildings.

A place to sit and contemplate.

Callbacks to Robert Frost poems.

Mausoleums that make me wonder why anyone would ever choose the very top spot, but there is always someone who did.

Cool corridors.

Clever topiaries.

Silent sentries.

Some deep dark corners that aren't really meant for the public to see.

And geese. Every cemetery - back here, at least - is filled with Canadian geese. These were just coming in for landing.

Not a bad way to spend a morning when you need some solace.