Our dishwasher broke the day before yesterday. This has forced me to do the dishes BY HAND. WITH A WASHCLOTH. IN THE SINK. FOR TWO DAYS NOW. I keep commenting about how I feel like a pioneer woman whenever I wash a dish but no one thinks that's funny except me. After the first night when all the dishes were clean, this pioneer woman did what any good pioneer woman would do and went on the internet to order the replacement part for her dishwasher. What follows is the pre-dinner conversation in our kitchen last night:

Me: "Oh, I got an email today saying that that part had shipped so we should have it in a couple of days."

The KingofHearts: "Oh, good."

The Dormouse: "That means that Momma has to wash the dishes by hand for only two more days!"

The KoH: "Why does Momma have to wash the dishes? Why doesn't The Dormouse or Daddy wash the dishes?"

The Dormouse: "One: because I'm too little and I don't know how. And Two: because you're lazy!"