You would love my church if only for the entertainment value each Sunday brings.

Yesterday, it was announced that a member of our bishopric is moving to another area so they asked a new person to replace him. Whenever there's a shake-up in the leadership such as this - and with a lay ministry, this happens often - tradition suggests that both the "old" person and the "new" person are asked to do something called "bearing their testimony" to the congregation after the announcement is made. The definition of bearing one's testimony is that you express your feelings about Christ and His Gospel in a public forum. Nothing more. Nothing less. But as is also common with a lay ministry, you don't always get the most prepared of speeches - especially when you ask people to do this without giving them a heads up first. This was said from the pulpit yesterday:

"My wife chooses not to come to church as you know. But I take the Bible very literally. So when we were both in a bus crash in Tel Aviv, and my wife was hurt worse than me and had to stay in the hospital, I would not leave my wife. Even though the doctors told me to go to the hotel and get some rest, I would not leave my wife. I stayed with her. I would never leave my wife.... unless she committed adultery on me. Then I would leave her."