I've always been a little bit in love with Stephen Fry, but his reaction here seals the deal. He is now on my list.

Fry: It ought to be impossible to describe a creature as looking old fashioned, but that’s exactly how Sirocco looks with his big sideburns and his Victorian gentleman’s face.

Mark: It’s actually nice just seeing him wandering around in the forest isn’t it?

Fry: He’s got very good camouflage.

Fry: A typical male, Sirocco is clearly only interested in one thing.

(bird jumps up on Mark's shoulders)

Fry: Oh, look at that.

Mark: Ow. God, he’s got sharp claws.

Fry: He’s getting a bit frisky. Do you think he’s actually attempting a sort of mating ritual? He is!

Mark: Ow, ow. Oh that’s sharp.

Fry: But look, he’s so happy! (laughs) This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. (to Mark) You are being shagged by a rare parrot. (laughs) He thinks you’re… (giggles)

Mark: Ow.

Fry: He’s really going for it.

Mark: Ow. Ow.

Fry: Wow, you’ve chosen him…. Is it… actually, you’re in pain…

Mark: That’s right.

Fry: I’m here. (gets up to help) Oooo his neck is cut.

Mark: He’s fine but it’s really sharp claws.

Fry: That hurt.

Mark: Yes. It did hurt.

Fry: Yeah you’ve got blood there and blood there and blood there and he actually cut you up to be honest. That’s not good. But I want you to call when you have the chick. I want you to call him "Stephen" for me.

Mark: I’m not sure how to take that.

Fry: Do you think an egg would come out of your mouth?

Fry: Ladies and gentlemen you’ve seen a television first. You’ve seen Mark Carwardine, who’s devoted his life to conserving animals, actually taking an active part in the conservation and breeding of a whole new generation… of a whole new species. Uh… Homokakapeds… uh… he’s going to give birth (laughs) to a little kakapo. (laughs) We’re very proud of you.

Mark: Do it up again?

Fry: I think I’ll pass.

Bird: squawk