Me: "Oh, by the way, I got tickets for us to see Mike Birbiglia when he comes to D.C. later this year."

KoH: "That'll be fun for you."

Me: "You don't want to go?"

KoH: "Oh, you mean you and ME?"

Me: "Yes. What US did you think I meant?"

KoH: "I thought you were talking about you and Monica."

Me: "Don't you think I would have said 'me and Monica' instead of 'us'?"

KoH: "Maybe. It's just that most of the time when you do something like that lately you mean 'you and Monica.'"

Me: "Just because she and I have a non-sexual lesbian lover relationship, it doesn't mean I can't think up things to do with my husband. I want to spend time with you. And I knew you wanted to see him before, so I bought tickets on the day they went on sale."

KoH: "Oh. OK, we'll that's nice."

Me: "Besides, Monica has seen him twice already."