The Dormouse brought home a math paper from school yesterday where she apparently, for some unknown reason, decided to try and complete her answers in Spanish:

2 + 3 = "cinco"
3 + 3 = "sias"
1 + 2 = "tress"

and my favorite:

4 + 5 = "nuwavey"

I'm assuming that by "nuwavey" she meant nine and wasn't trying to describe the music of the Sex Pistols in the 70s and early 80s.

I love that her teacher just graded the paper based on what she intended her written answers to mean and didn't say a thing about the attempted Spanish. Of course this is the same teacher who let her sign all her school papers "Molly" for a two weeks when she decided she wanted to change her name. So I'm not sure if she's humoring my daughter, or she's just seen it all and this isn't enough to get worked up about.