Thirteen Things I Wish I Had Not Done This Holiday Weekend

  1. Spent more time in bed than out of it.
  2. Slept not more than ten consecutive minutes at any given time.
  3. Switched positions in bed at least one thousand times to help clear out my head.
  4. Watched six consecutive hours of Land of the Lost on the Sci-Fi channel.
  5. Answered way too many five-year-old-girl's questions about the back story of and/or how they made the series Land of the Lost.
  6. Used three full boxes of tissues.
  7. Consumed three full boxes of cold medication.
  8. Fed my kids scones and bananas for three meals straight.
  9. Lost my patience with my children one too many times.
  10. Gone to a movie theater with my sick self and my sick baby thinking that we were well enough to not make the whole experience regrettable. Other than that, Night at the Museum was pretty good.
  11. Wished for death as a preferable alternative to my current health status -- or at least swine flu.
  12. Claimed I did not need to go to the doctor last week when I started feeling badly.
  13. Cursed day care and school and church and any other place my kids could have contracted this virus and kindly shared it with me.