Speaker at church during Mothers' Day talk: "I found out that the word 'mother' has multiple meanings. It can mean a female parent, but it also means to have the characteristics of a mother. Another definition is someone who protects and cares over something else. And the word mother can describe other things, like mother bird or mother board. Or mother lode -- which means the very best you can find of something."

Me whispering to The KingofHearts: "Um... that's not what mother lode means.

KoH: "Uh huh."

Me: "Is it wrong to be thinking what I'm thinking right now?"

KoH: "Yes, yes it is."

Me: "Were you at least thinking what I was thinking?"

KoH: "Yes, yes I was." *pause* "Wait, were you thinking mother lode of crap?"

Me: "No. I was thinking of another word that starts with mother."

KoH: "Yes, yes that is wrong."