It's Friday the 13th. That means it's time for another installment of 13 Things.

Thirteen Words I Cannot Type Correctly the First Time

It's not that I don't know how to spell them all... this is just what my fingers type almost every time I type these words. Let's hear it for muscle memory.
  1. Definately Definitely
  2. Marraige Marriage
  3. Therpay Therapy... problematic because I am a therapist.
  4. BWT BTW
  5. teh the... yeah, that one's a real problem
  6. occaision occasion
  7. committment commitment
  8. My maiden name... of course no one else could spell it either, so I wasn't alone there
  9. everytime every time
  10. comittee committee
  11. mispell misspell... ironic, that
  12. alot a lot
  13. aright alright... this one just makes me look like a rap artist poser