While we were driving around in Burkittsville the other day, I made us stop by the side of the road to take a picture of this really cool tree. There's a similar tree that I see every time I get on the freeway near my house and I'm fascinated with it. However, it's so mired amidst the overgrown, mini forest that's flourishing in between the exits, that I've never bothered to even attempt to photograph it. I know it will get lost in all the background. This tree, however, could very well have been planted just in that spot so it would make a good photo seventy or eighty (perhaps more? I'm no arborist) years later.

I love the crow who roosted in the very top just as I prepared to take the photo and then turned sideways to give me a perfect silhouette. (click to embiggen and you'll get a better view)
Crows are so photogenic!

I also like that this could have been a photo taken in a completely different era... just take away the color, run a filter or two and
voila, Craggy Tree in the 19th Century.