Meet Mr. Edless:

I believe I've made it apparent through this blog that I'm not your candy kisses and roses Valentines' Day gift type, but I do give memorable gifts. He may not have "always wanted" what I give him, but at least he gets my sense of humor, which is pretty much the best thing about being married to The KingofHears.

Mr. Edless was my Valentines' Day present to The KingofHearts, created by the lovely and way-more-talented-than-me,
Beth. I found the pattern online and knew immediately that it was over my head, so I begged her to make it for me. I only realized after Beth sent it to me, though, how much more work it was that I originally thought. How incredibly intricate that pattern was, how difficult it must have been to execute, and how she really, really undercharged me. Now we just have to convince her to put some of her knitted items in her etsy shop - or maybe to do a decapitated horse head stained glass Christmas ornament.

And yes, I put Mr. Edless in The KoH's bed to surprise him. Because he loves romantic scenes from old movies as much as I do.

After I gave it to him, however, one of his friends suggested that the only thing that would have made this gift better is if I had gotten a craft music button that plays the Theme from the Godfather to put inside Mr. Edless' ear. Where were you back in October, when I hatched this idea, John?

My favorite thing about this stuffed animal is the exposed vertebre and arteries at the base of the neck. Now that's detail. My other favorite thing is that The Caterpillar looOooves it and walks around the house hugging it and saying something that I'm sure translates from baby babble into English as, "I will love him and pet him and hug him and squeeze him and call him George."

For future Valentine-type holidays, I plan to make him every one of these things. And when I say, I plan to make, what I really mean is Get your needles ready, Beth!