When The KingofHearts and I got married, the Bishop who married us gave one of those Advice for a Happy Marriage speeches - which is really just a cover for: Crap, we got all these people dressed up and here and now we've realized that the whole ceremony is less than five minutes. S-t-r-e-e-e-e-t-c-h!! In it, he actually uttered the phrase, "Don't let sarcasm become part of your daily routine." To which my friends in the back of the church immediately uttered a great, simultaneous, stifled "GUFFAW." Talking to the Bishop later at the reception, I think I might have answered, "Sarcasm? Were you serious? Our whole relationship is BASED on sarcasm!"

Imagine the needless suffering that could have been avoided among my friends, family and co-workers if this stuff were the new wonder drug available from Pfizer.