I gave The Dormouse a piece of cardboard and some watercolor paints to get her out of my hair keep her busy today.

"What should I do with it, Momma?"

"Whatever you want. Be creative. The cardboard folds in half -- maybe you could paint something and stand it up like a sign."

"Oh, ok! Momma, how do you spell garage?"


A few minutes later she came back with a hand painted sign. "It says, Dogs don't go in the Garage." There is a drawing of a dog inside a house with a line through the dog.

"What's that for?"

"It's for Monica."


Shoots me a duh look. "So her dogs don't go in the garage and get lost in there. Then they might not get out and they would make a big mess. All Monica's organization would be messed up and they might eat some things."

"Ah, of course. Do you think the dogs will be able to read the sign?"

"Uh huh. Yep they can." A few minutes later she said thoughtfully, "Well, maybe I should write it in dog language, just in case." She grabbed a ball point pen and wrote
Rof Rof Rof Rof over the top of all the words she had carefully painted with the watercolors. "NOW, they will be able to read it."