I've recently been in touch with a friend that I haven't heard from in fifteen years. Or rather... he's been in touch with me -- just one more way Google has improved my life. (Let's just hope that my former stalker never figures out how to do that.) He was in the area for a conference recently and dropped by with his son for a few days. I love it when you see good friends after an extended period of time and it's just like no time has passed - almost like picking up in the middle of a conversation. I personally have a lot of friends like that. I may not easily make friends in real life, but I'm really good at making friends that last a lifetime. Take that, KingofHearts.

We had a great time getting to know his son, who is absolutely adorable by the way, and wish that we'd gotten to meet the rest of the familia. Maybe next time. Here he is trying to teach the Caterpillar to hang a spoon off her nose. I believe, however, that he underestimated the size of the spoon... and overestimated the size of her nose.

She seems to be having fun though.