When I had The Dormouse, I had a touch of PPD. Not debilitating - and definitely not as bad as some folks, but it lasted a lot longer than I should have let it without seeking treatment. It was stupid and I regret every minute I wasn't able to appropriately appreciate the blessing The Dormouse is in my life. Being a new Mom isn't easy, and dealing with that on top of everything else just makes every small, little, unimportant thing unbearable. My advice to anyone in the same situation is be ye not so foolish. There are a million ways to get help for yourself even if you don't want to go the medical route. Talk to friends, complain to family, take advantage of church communities, do a Google search for groups to become involved in... there are entirely too many resources out there to think there is not an option that suits you. Life is way too short.

I'm not sure what's different this time. Perhaps it's all the things I came into this pregnancy with that I didn't have before: a few less unreasonable fears, experience, the ability to go to sleep at 7:00 pm, my blog which to forces me to be accountable for what I say and have a sense of humor about it all, my rabbit's foot, my four leaf clover, my horseshoe, my very lucky Zoloft... but this time has been a lot easier on me. Despite my tendency to answer the question "So how is it having two?" with, "I don't know what the hell I was thinking!", I'm having a really great time with these two terrific little girls and this great husband. I don't mean to imply by any stretch of the imagination that life is perfect over here. Being a woman, mom, wife, employee, and a person who doesn't really fit into any of the social circles that belong to those groups is hard, frustrating and demoralizing at times -- but it's worth it, you know? I think what I'm feeling here is called "contentment." It's odd, I know.
Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
Perhaps I had a miserable youth

But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past
There must have been a moment of truth

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should

So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood

I must have done something good

- The Sound of Music

The Caterpillar, The Dormouse, and "Ratalina", the newest addition to our family, who must appear in any and all photos.