One of my favorite places on earth is just downtown. Monica and I decided to make the most of the gorgeous morning on Presidents' Day and we took "the girls" to see the Natural History Museum. Big mistake. Not that Natural History isn't cool and stuff, the whole day was just a comedy of errors in judgment which began with deciding it was a good day to take three girls and two strollers down to brave a crowd of fourteen katrillion people in a city of buildings that clearly doesn't think the ADA applies to it. I never have so much empathy for people in wheelchairs as when I decide to take a stroller downtown.

We never did get to our original destination, the Stephen Colbert portrait hanging in all its glory by the bathroom at the Portrait Gallery and someone owes us a meal of cheese, as his restaurant was closed for lunch when we got there (what's up with that?!?). But I did manage to stop by and see my pyramids on the way there.

You didn't know they were mine, did you?

I don't know what it is about pyramids, but they speak to me. One of the places I want to visit most in the world is the Louvre, just so I can see the I. M. Pei pyramid there.

The Dormouse enjoyed them too, but only to check out her latest poses.

It occurs to me that The Dormouse looks like Siamese Twins here.