These days, The KingofHearts gives The Dormouse her bath at night because I'm usually nursing The Caterpillar. It's great -- not just because I don't have to do it (which isn't to say that that's not great too) -- but because she doesn't get to spend nearly as much time with him as she'd like and she worships the ground he walks on.

I like to think I'm a cool, laid back, creative parent most of the time (which, when I'm being honest with myself, only serves to cover up the fact that I'm lack the ability to be a traditional bread baking, homeschooling, stay at home full time type mother) but sometimes I look at The KoH and he's got me so beat.

The other night, after I put the baby down, I noticed that The Dormouse was taking a bath in the dark. Absentmindedly, I went in the bathroom and flipped on the light, thinking she had somehow turned it off and couldn't get it back on. My actions were met with shrieks of protest.

"NOOOOOOOoooooo! Turn it back OFF Momma!"

Not understanding why, I did - just to silence the mind numbing yawp that was boring a hole through my skull.

This was why it was so important: