This happened as I was preparing yesterday's post.

Me to KingofHearts: "What are some of the other made-up words that The Dormouse uses?"

KoH: "What do you mean?"

Me: "You know, when she wants to say something but doesn't know the word so she just makes one up herself. I'm still trying to figure out what 'speegabo' means, by the way."

KoH: "Me too. Why?"

Me: "I'm writing a list of them for a blog post."

KoH: "Hmmmm.... can't think of any off the top of my head."
He looks at The Dormouse and holds up the remote control for the television. "What's this baby?"

D: "Mote control."

KoH: "What's this?" Holds up a pen.

D: "Pen."

KoH: "What's this?" Holds up a pen cap.

D: "Top of the pen."

KoH: "What's this?" Holds up a slipper.

D: "Slipper."

KoH: "What's this?" Holds up the padlock for the fish tank.

D: "Lock and key."

KoH: *now he's really just trying to trip her up* "What's this?" Holds up a coaster with a DeGrazia painting of an indian child on it.

D: "Little girl"

KoH: *sighs and turns coaster around so she can't see the picture* "Now what is it?"

D: *rolls eyes as she leaves the room* "Flat."