It was mentioned to me by several people that while I had plenty of "before" pictures of the tree and tree cutting process yesterday, I was seriously lacking in the "after" department. I guess I got so caught up in the maiming and defacing of mother nature, I forgot to brag about how I improved upon it.

And so I shall rectify that here now, by presenting for your enjoyment:
The tree topper:
The view outside the window:
We have a tradition in my family: each year one special ornament is purchased for each child, which, as tradition goes, he/she will keep forever and lovingly remember Christmases Past each year while decorating the tree and putting up the special ornaments. (Oh, and also have an arsenal of ornaments when she gets married in order to make her spouse feel that she's brought more to the marraige than he has. Or is that part just about me?.)
Anyway, this is The Dormouse's ornament this year:
This was her ornament last year. She was obsessed with "twinkle stars" and "jingle bells" at the time so it seemed appropriate... and unbreakable, unlike my less-than-wise purchase this year:
This was my ornament from the year *I* was three:

And, finally, the full view of The Tree We Cut Down:

And the one we went to all the trouble for; the one who enjoys it most: