Scene: We are eating at Chick-fil-A, tribute to all things obsessive. The Dormouse has been force fed the requisite four pieces of chicken and has gone into the play area and come back out seven times because there are no other kids in there and she realizes that the thing that really makes that play area exciting is having other children to boss around.

Finally, she sees another boy about her age wander into the play area and makes a beeline for the door, yelling "Lil boy! Lil boy! I want to play with you!"... way to eager to make a new friend. Approximately seventeen seconds later, the boy exits the play area, screaming bloody murder. While he makes a beeline for his parents, The Dormouse follows him out.

I'm only slightly concerned that she's hit him or something, but mostly I think she might be able to shed some light on what happened, since neither or us saw it and he is way to distraught to form words and senteneces at this point. (Later, we figured out that he bumped his head sliding down the slide sideways.)

Me: "What happened to the boy, honey?"

Dormouse: "I didn't hit him...."

Me: "OK. But what did happen?"

Dormouse defensively: "I didn't kiss him either!"