These are not the greatest pictures -- they are snapped from my phone, because, as anyone who has cats knows, when you see a cat doing something interesting and/or cute, you have no time to go find your camera and take a proper picture - even if it is right on the table beside you - because by the time you turn around, that cat will sense that you are trying to get a picture of it doing a Thing and it will stop doing that Thing.  

Out of spite.

Also, a cat will do a Thing eighty-some-odd times and drive you crazy by doing that Thing over and over again, but the minute, no, THE SECOND, you try and show someone else that your cat does a Thing, the cat will stop doing that Thing. Forever.

Basically, your cats hate you.

I know some of you think that your cats are your constant companions and depend on your for warmth and companionship, but the truth is, they will gleefully murder you in your sleep and then eat your face if they ever grow thumbs and learn to pull the trigger on a shotgun.  

But they are fluffy.  Can't say that much for kids.

Here is Maggie looking regal.

And here is Barker, looking, well... looking as Barker is wont to look.  He hates it when we go outside and leave the screen door open, I suppose because he is not invited to The Outside and also too chicken to go to The Outside, so as long as he can see us in The Outside, he will sit at this door and alternate non-stop pawing at the window with licking the glass.  

"I like pizza."

Siamese are supposed to be pretty smart cats, but I think we got a copy of a copy of a copy in this one.