Every night before The Shortlings go to bed, The KingofHearts reads to them.  Usually it's some fantasy book that I would never myself choose to read and they bond over it, coming up with insider references and ideas for Halloween costumes that I would never understand, because while they are reading, I am hiding in my room for the twenty minutes a day that I get to myself.  

Well, The Dormouse and The KingofHearts bond over the story, anyway.  The Caterpillar wants very badly to be in the room while they read... and is.  But while he reads, The Dormouse listens and The Caterpillar does this:

and this:

and this:

She also watches television like this and if you think that's not distracting, next time you want to watch a serious drama with lots of action and complicated dialogue that requires your full attention, try doing with a cirque du soliel performance going on in between you and the screen.

Here, she demonstrates the unusually developed core strength she has for a six year old. 

If I had abs like that, well, I wouldn't need to work for a living.