So much going on from now until the end of school, I often forget to feed The Children, which is how we ended up in the Burger King drive-through the other night.  Both girls ordered a kids' meal, which, as we who have kids always know, is only because it comes with a toy. 

Anxious to get home and stick all the bad-tempered girls into bed, I shoved the money through the car window, grabbed the food, then sped off.  Only when we were a good two miles down the road did the girls open their bags and look inside.

Caterpillar: "OH MAAAAAN!  I got a boy toy!"

Dormouse: "I GOT A BOY TOY TOOOooooo!"

Me: "Well, nothing we can do about it now.  Plus, boy toys can be fun too."

Dormouse: "That's true.  Boy toys CAN be fun too."

Caterpillar: "Momma why are you laughing?"

In about six years, I'm gonna hate to hear either one of them say that.  But for now, I was just too tired to explain.