Easter was pretty low-key, as it generally is in our house. We threw some plastic eggs in the yard in the dark the night before for The Shortlings to find the next morning and for the squirrels to find even before then. We always end up with few plastic eggs that are chewed open and missing the candy that was left inside.  I consider it an offering to our new squirrel overlords.  

I also left a couple of chocolate rabbits on the kitchen table.  The Caterpillar is trying desperately to believe in the Easter Bunny for some reason, which is weird because last year she didn't.  She got up early Sunday morning and quickly spied the eggs in the yard, then found the chocolate rabbits shortly after that.  I heard her gasp loudly in the kitchen by herself (no one else was up yet) and then sigh, and intone in the sweetest, most wistful voice she could muster, 

"Thank you Easter Bunny.  WhereEVER you are."

Then she ran into the bedroom to wake up The KingofHearts by jumping on his genitals.

Here are a few photos to mark the occasion.

I'm going to show that last one at their graduation.