Rough day today. 

Karate tournament. 

Did not go well.

Suffice it to say that some of us still need to learn the life lesson that sometimes you can practice and try your hardest and do everything you know how to do and you still don't win because you had a bad day, or because the other guy just had a better day, or maybe because that Russian judge is all over the map with his scoring today. And that's okay, because remember how you started doing this because you liked it and not for the trophies?

The good thing about being good at a lot of different things is you get a ton of positive reinforcement.  The bad thing about being good at a lot of different things is you don't get a lot of experience losing and it's kinda something everyone needs to learn how to do.  Especially first-born kids who don't often get beat down by their siblings.  If anyone has a better spoonful of sugar to help that particular medicine go down, I'd be thrilled to hear it.

In other news, a karate tournament is prime people watching real estate as evidenced by the following conversation between The KingofHearts and I while we were waiting for the division to start.

KoH: "I just saw a woman in a hijab doing karate.  That's awesome."

Me: "I just saw an Asian dude with a handlebar mustache and Harry Potter glasses in a Polo shirt taking pictures with a giant camera while his kid practices Pencak Silat." (it's a martial art from Indonesia).

KoH: "Touché."

Then we both turned around just in time to see the Lebanese guy wearing the salmon-colored, ombre, v-neck, women's Izod sweater drinking a Pepsi.

Oh 'Murika, I love you.