Fifteen is...
  • the number of cubits upwards that Noah's ark was borne by the Flood in Genesis
  • the number of tiles in a typical sliding puzzle
  • a triangular number, a hexagonal number, a pentatope number and the 4th Bell number
  • the number of measures in this piece of music
  • the atomic number of phosphorus
  • the number of minutes of fame everyone gets, according to Andy Warhol
  • the number of players on a rugby team
  • the number of days in each of the twenty-four cycles of the Chinese calendar
  • a double factorial of five
  • the number of minutes after nine o'clock my dentist's appointment was supposed to be this morning, only I heard "fifty" and showed up late

It's also the number of years I have been married as of today.

I'm not the institution of marriage's biggest proponent, if you haven't noticed.  But I will say this.  Of all the people available to put up with fifteen years of working and paying and living and dying in this lifetime,  I probably couldn't have found a better companion to laugh at it all with than The KingofHearts.  So happy anniversary to us. Fifteen years and we're still speaking to one another... but only on alternate days.