I've mentioned before (but am too lazy to go back and look where) about how my house is one of language.  There is someone talking pretty much All. The. Time.  We're a communicative family; I take my own part in the responsibility for that.  I am probably a bit less of a talker than my other three roommates and maybe even one cat we've owned, but I do my fair share of chatterboxing too.  It just doesn't hold a candle to the amount of words that can get thrown around by my family members.

There both are blessings and curses that come, however.  I love that my girls feel comfortable expressing themselves.  I know this is a good thing for their development.  Hell, each of my kids probably has a larger vocabulary than your average American citizen.  This trait will serve them well in high school and college.  But sometimes, what with all the talking, my ears just need a rest, yo. 

Oh I know.  You're all: Don't feel pregnant, you're not alone. Or: All kids do that, dummy.  But believe me, this is different.  Everyone who's spent any real time with either of my children will back me up on this one.  A few weeks ago, I brought The Caterpillar to work with me and she was in another room where there was a part time person in the office working on a project for us.  From the hallway, I heard her talking to another co-worker, "If that little girl lived in my house, I wouldn't need a television.  I'd just listen to her talk to herself all day for my entertainment."

For those of you who aren't around them all the time, first, I envy you.  Second, I decided to take The Caterpillar on a walk to the local convenience store today to get some Diet Coke and she went on one of her breathless, rambling diatribes.  I pulled out my phone, hit the record button and stuck it in my pocket.  Then when we got home, I transcribed everything she said. This is only about a two minute peak into what my ears have to endure every day of my life.  And let's all remember, I have two three** of them like this in the house.

You'll see that she asks a lot of questions and you'll also see that, mean mom that I am, I don't often answer.  But that's largely because she's either answered it herself or moved on to the next thought before I can get a sentence out.  The best thing to do, I've learned, is just to shut up and enjoy the ride.  Or don't.  It doesn't matter, because whatever you do, whatever you think, she will still be talking throughout the entirety of that ride.

"Wow, what a beautiful day for a walk. Hey mom! There’s a big truck, HEY MOM!! There’s a big garbage bag. Look at this helicopter seed. I want to get it and put it in my pocket. I think I will name her Piña Colada. Aw, you're a cute little Piña Colada, aren't you?

*sings and rocks seed in her arms* "Rockabye, rockabye.

"LOOK! A can of cat food. Someone must have taken their cat on a walk like we’re having. Hey! There’s a big hole. Well, not a very big hole. Well, it’s kind of a big hole but not a really big hole. Sometimes I’m like a big girl, like a big person, something like that. Why do dandelion flowers turn into those white puffy wishing flowers? Oh! I know! Because they probably get tired of being yellow. HEY! There’s a hole in the road! *runs back to peer inside* It’s a hole! In. The. Road.

*sings*  "Bicycle bicycle bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle.***

"Why do I always ask questions? Oh! Because I keep saying stuff and I want to tell you that. 

*sings* "Rockabye, rockabye, rockabye little baby. 

"Where’s our car? Oh, that’s right, we’re walking.

*sings* "Bicycle bicycle bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle  I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle

"Momma, when I get home I’m gonna do something funny and you have to watch me while I do it. *hears siren* I thought that was a cat going Rowr! Rowr! But it was a fire truck. They do that too. Sometimes. Why are the pieces of the sidewalk like that? Look at that dog. Is that a female dog? Because it looks like the cat from Tom and Jerry. Only it’s not a cat. And it’s a different color. One dog plus one cat equals two animals. One plus one is two. Two plus one is three. I need to walk right by you. I will hold your elbow because you are carrying your coke."

This is only a bit of recording I made while we walked a block.  I finally turned it off, fearing my phone storage was getting low.  And then she broke out this little gem:

"Wow, I sure am a girl who speaks a lot."


*If I could post a song as a blog post title, it would be this one.  You'll have to settle for one of the more obscure lyrics from that song.

**Because, let's be honest, they get this from their father.

***These are the lyrics to that Queen song.  Not that I have a problem with my kids knowing and appreciating classic rock, but if you notice, she never quite gets to the part where it says, "I want to ride it where I like" and resolves the phrase.  AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!