We were down at one of the Smithsonian museums a couple of weeks ago and The KingofHearts called a time out to go look for a book in one of their ridiculously priced gift shops.  This meant that we were left to fend for ourselves in the gift shop for eons while he looked at Every. Single. Book. That was ever printed about the American Revolution. 

We exhausted all of the entertainment possibilities and I tired of keeping them from breaking things in the shop rather quickly.  Finally I found a giant bin of marbles in the back and just let them stand there and play in it for the better part of an hour.  Marbles are not easily breakable, they were contained in a big bin, and the Shortlings we endlessly amused by them while I surfed the web on my phone.  It was brilliant.  When The KoH was finally ready to go, I looked over to shoo them away from the marbles.  Pretty sure they weren't like this when we found it.  But then again maybe Smithsonian gift shop employees are just really, really organized.