KoH: "I'm hungry."

Caterpillar: "WE CAN MAKE DINNER!"

Dormouse:  "Yes! We'll make sandwiches."

KoH: "No. No. No. No. No! Every time you two try and make dinner it ends up being way more work for me.  The kitchen is destroyed and I gotta end up eating a ketchup sandwich.  No."

Me: "You didn't have to eat a ketchup sandwich.  I had to eat a ketchup sandwich."

KoH: "It doesn't matter, they used a whole loaf of bread.  That's $2.87 cent wortha bread!"

Caterpillar: "I won't make you a ketchup sandwich."  *runs around corner, comes back with bottle of mustard in hand* "I'll make YOU a mustard sandwich!"

Me: "Problem solved."