"What's that on the counter?"

"My breakfast."

"That's just a bunch of slices of bread."

"No.  It's five ketchup sandwiches."


"The Caterpillar asked me this morning if she could make me breakfast in bed."

"So she made you a ketchup sandwich?"

"She made me FIVE ketchup sandwiches."

"FIVE ketchup sandwiches?  For breakfast?"

"And a Diet Coke."

"Well, at least she knows you."

"I tried to tell her that ketchup sandwiches aren't really good breakfast fare."

"And did that work?"

"She said I could eat them for lunch."

"That's true, I suppose."

"Or dinner."

"Guess you're not getting out of eating a ketchup sandwich any time soon."

"You want one?"

"Not really."