"Momma why don't we go to people's houses that are far away?"

"Well, we do.  We go see your friends in other states and we hang out with them for the weekend.  That's a really long drive, right?"

"Oh.  Well, why don't we go drive to Grandma's house?"

"Well, that's a really long drive.  We'd have to fly in an airplane and that's really expensive for four people.  It's easier for Grandma to come here because then we only have to buy an airplane ticket for one person.  It's a lot less expensive."

"Momma?  I wish Grandma's house would burn down."

"Um why?"

"Because then she wouldn't have a house and she'd have to come here and stay with us for a long time.  Or..... maaaaybe, someone else that doesn't have a house could come live in her house and then we wouldn't have to burn the house down.  That might be better."

"Probably better."