Caterpillar:  "Hey, Momma, I got a great idea!"

Me: "What's that?"

"Why don't we make our car into a band and get all our family in the car and drive around and sing music and we can paint the car?"

"Who's that, Momma?"

"Never mind.  Where'd you get this great idea?"

"I just thought of it in my head."

"How would we paint the car?"

"We could use those finger paints that we have in the kitchen."

"OK... what music would we sing?"

"We could sing songs that I wrote at school."

"Gotcha.  But what are the songs you wrote at school?  Can you sing one for me?"

"We could sing I'll Love You on Wednesday, But I'm Not Gonna Love You Next Week."

So basically, what you're gonna need to be looking for is a Partridge Family Tribute Band driving along in a finger painted Subaru and singing country music.  We should be easy to spot.