I'm one of those likes the windows open type people.  I hate it when I have to close up the house for the summer... or the winter.  It's often a point of contention between The KingofHearts and I because he feels like he sleeps better in the summer when the air conditioning is on and I feel like I sleep better when there's fresh air to breathe.  He claims his allergies are worse when all the pollen comes into the house and I claim that he needs to grow a pair because evolution is trying to weed his kind out.  This decade-plus push and pull is just another one of those little things that makes marriage and co-habitation one of the stupidest things you'll ever do in your life.

The kitties are on my side about the windows being open.  THREE AGAINST ONE, EAT IT SUCKAH! Whenever it's cool - and more importantly dry - enough to open up the house, they rush to perch in preferred spots and stare (or more likely, smell) for hours as the world goes by outside.  Years ago, we dubbed this "Cat TV" and felt very clever about our word choice.  Until that My Cat From Hell guy started calling it that too.  Which is just one more thing I should have trademarked when I had the chance, along with PostIt Notes, growing grass in the officeodd things made of cheese and the Stadium Pal.

I also appreciate that when the kitties put themselves away, they always do it symmetrically.

Well, almost always.