We skipped town for Memorial Day weekend, if not Memorial Day itself.  I got the chance to break in the grand viola I bought a few months back and played a solo at a friend's church in another state.  On the way back, we wanted to stop somewhere where the girls could pick strawberries.  I had no idea where to go, so I consulted my knowledge box, aka smart phone, and it directed us to this lovely family farm that also happened to sell Polish pottery.  Being part Polish myself, I dug this just a bit.  I'm dying to purchase a complete set of tableware from them, each plate different from the next.  Sadly, the $20 in my pocket would not allow for that and I decided to get something small instead and save up for a set later.  As I was looking at a shelf of these, The KingofHearts walked up behind me, looked at the sign, and said, "I don't get it.  Why are they Chinese Ladies?  Isn't this Polish stuff?"   

Me: "Um... not Chinese Ladies... CHEESE LADIES." 


They couldn't have been nicer people and we are already making plans to go back for blueberries, honey and whatever else they'll let us tromp all over their land to harvest.   With any luck, they'll have branched out into other ethnicities by then and I can get a complete set.