The Dormouse's school year is winding down. In fact, I'm pretty sure they stopped doing any work about two weeks ago. Today, they had a class talent show. All thirty kids in the class were all asked to show off a talent or special skill and the parents were invited to come watch.

Six jumped rope and nine hula hoop-ed. Apparently, there's a bit of a bias in the talent department for this class.

One kid showed off his talent for conning his parents into buying him over three hundred Pokemon cards.

One displayed a giant lego pirate ship he built, which was quite impressive indeed. It even had a galley and a furnished captain's cabin.

A few kids read poems and stories; a few showed off artwork of various kinds.

One kid put her hand against the wall and wiggled her elbow back and forth. I'm still not sure what that was all about, but then again, neither is her mother.

My favorite was the kid who did a five-minute set of stand-up comedy:

"Hey, did you ever wonder why they call it the Grand Canyon?"

Audience: "..."

"Because, Gustavo Canyon just sounds silly."

(I'm reasonably certain he wrote his own jokes.)

Originally, The Dormouse wanted to be one of the jump-ropers. I suggested that she not do something a third of the other kids in the class were doing.  Piano playing wasn't an option because the classroom wasn't equipped with a piano.  So instead she decided to perform one of her favorite songs:

The best part of this whole performance is, sadly, not on camera.  It was when she handed the microphone back to her teacher, took a bow, returned to her seat and announced loudly, "Well, THAT was HUMILIATING!"

I think maybe she should have instead showed off her talent for drama.  

But then I guess she did that anyway.