I mentioned before that The Caterpillar loves this book (which I've only just now realized is dubbed A poke and look book. Ahem.) and calls it "The Nekkid Boy Book," because like those Grey's Anatomy of transparent celluloid illustrations (you turn one page and see what's visible from the outside, then life another page off and see what's under the skin, under the bones, etc.), on one of those pages you can see a very cartoon-like illustration of a boy and a girl without their clothes.

She asks me to read this every day of my life and... guys? I am So. Sick. Of. Reading. This. Book.

I've read it in full, I've edited, I've given the Cliff's Notes version of the book, I've Cliff's-noted the Cliff's Notes version, I've skipped pages when she wasn't looking, I've even tried to hide the book. But she always finds it and she's heard it so much now that she knows when I skip something and yells, "THIS PART, MOMMA, YOU FORGOT TO READ THIS PART!"


The other night when she asked me to read it aGAIN, I had a brilliant idea.

"Honey, you know this book so well, you could read it to me. Wait, why DON'T you read it to me?"

"Okay, Momma."

And then she proceeded to pretty much give me the whole book, leaving out nothing. Except for this one part that I must have missed in the seven- or eight-hundred times I'd read it before:

"Boys have a penis, girls have a oval."

You learn something new everyday.