Thirteen things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving morning:

  1. The people who invited us to their house so I don't have to clean mine.
  2. Not having to make a bunch of sides and deserts since our hosts are doing that part.
  3. Turkey fryers, which make my husband interested in cooking, thereby leaving me only the brining responsibilities.
  4. Drywall mud buckets which are big enough to brine a turkey (last year we used a kitty litter bucket). Oh, come on, I cleaned it first.
  5. My conference is over.
  6. Not getting gate raped at the airport this week (though it was a near thing).
  7. My totally awesome neighbor who always shows up when I'm having trouble doing something in the yard and then just does it for me.
  8. The platypus. No real reason... I just think they're fun to look at.
  9. Hot showers
  10. My conference is over. (I know I wrote this before, but it bears repeating.)
  11. That On the Road to Punkin' Chunkin', the preview to Thanksgiving night's Punkin' Chunkin' 2010, is only sixty minutes... because it seems like much, much longer.
  12. Diet Coke (except: the elixir of the Gods has begun to give me a headache whenever I drink it... whatever shall I do?)
  13. And finally, I am thankful that I live in relative safety from the fear that a zombie turkey carcass in my garbage will reanimate itself and come after me in revenge...

...some people aren't so lucky.