Thirteen things The Caterpillar says that I hope she never learns to pronounce/say the correct way:
  1. While calling the kitties: "Here, catty, catty. Come back, catty!"
  2. "This one is yours, this one is mines."
  3. "Sschkel-o-tun"
  4. "Shchkool" (school)
  5. "Plaano" (piano) and "Vwahlin" (violin)
  6. "Hungee" (hungry) as in "I'm so VERY hungee, Momma."
  7. "IdonTknow." (you really have to hear this one to get the proper inflection)
  8. "Momma, I was thinking 'bout..." followed by some action that doesn't really follow grammatically correctly. "Momma, I was thinking 'bout we could have caneee for dinner today."
  9. "Pukum" (pumpkin) and "Nakum" (napkin)
  10. "Teebee" (t.v.)
  11. "sfar-kuhl-ee" (sparkly) as in "I wanna wear my sfarkuhlee pants."
  12. "Shister" (sister)
  13. "Hal-LO-ween." (with two separately pronounced Ls)
  14. (special bonus word that is still awesome) redicalus
Yeah, I know, I probably will eventually need to employ a speech therapist for those Ss, but I figure I've got a year or two to enjoy it before it comes to that.