It's my yearly conference time again, so you might have noticed that posting is pretty light around here this week. For what probably amounts to dozens of reasons, I've been unable to sleep more then three hours a night since I've been here, which means that I'm even more sleep deprived and slap happy than usual.

We run a pretty large conference with a very small staff and all have many and varied responsibilities - everything from attending high level meetings which require actual intellect and brain power to helping attendees who can't be bothered to look up at the sign just behind them find the bathroom... again. This is all to say that we are pretty much working eighteen or more hours a day while we're here. And while we're working, we all run around the hotel non-stop. We communicate with a series of cell-phone calls and walkie-talkies, but what that means is inevitably someone is trying to take a short and well-deserved break to attend to daily hygiene needs and someone else gets on the radio and becomes demanding that you need respond RIGHT NOW, when all you're trying to do is go to the bathroom and you could use five minutes' time first. When you're on a walkie-talkie and anywhere between ten to thirty people (and possibly a room of conference attendees if the radio is turned up loud enough) could be listening to you, it seems inappropriate to respond with "Look, I'm on the PAAAH-TEEEE," so we've always used a series of euphemisms to communicate the look I get that you need me, just let me empty my bowels first response, like "I'm in location B" or "I just have to drop the kids off at the pool."

Yesterday, I called a colleague on the radio and this conversation followed:

"Hey, are you busy? I couldn't find you and there's something I need to talk to you about."

"Yeah, I just went up to my room to grab a banana."

"Well, I'll leave you alone. It's not an emergency, so just come on down when you're not indisposed."

"No, we can talk now, I meant I was hungry. I really did go up to my room to grab a banana."

*now laughing hysterically in front of conference attendees* "Oh!!" *finally composes self* "You know, you probably shouldn't use the word grab in the future when you talk about bananas."

"Good point."

Hopefully, next week things will get back to normal around these parts and I'll have something to post other than the bemused ramblings of my sleepless, addled mind.

But then again, why should anything change after five years of this blog?