The Caterpillar learned a new game at preschool this week and has enjoyed obsessing over it at random moments which must involve everyone within earshot. So we're out driving around yesterday and the Caterpillar is rambling on to herself in the back seat of the car. We seldom listen to them in the car because it's already noisy and it doesn't matter if we listen or not, both girls are constantly talking simultaneously. Plus they're not talking to us, it's just that I believe they have somehow convinced themselves that collectively, they can power the vehicle with kinetic energy produced by the constant flapping of their jaws.

Finally, the sounds do reach us and we hear:

Caterpillar: "Daddy! DAAAADDDEEE! SAY THE WORDS!"

Me: "Huh? What? What words?"

Caterpillar: "Daddy stole the cookies from the *beat* cookie jar!"

Me: "Ooooooh."

KoH: "..."

Me: "It's a game. You have to say, 'Who me?'"

KoH: *sighs and deadpans* "Who. Me."

Caterpillar: "Yes you."

KoH: "..."

Me: "You say, 'Couldn't be.'"

KoH: "Couldn't be."

Me: "Then who?"

Caterpillar: "Mommy! Mommy stole the cookies from the *beat* cookie jar!"

Me: "Who me?'

Caterpillar: "Yes you."

Me: "Couldn't be."

Caterpillar: "Then who?"

Me: "Caterpillar stole the cookies from the *beat* cookie jar!"


Me: "See how much fun this is?"