On the last day of The Dormouse's Spring break, I took the day off work, blew off made other arrangements for all my responsibilities and told the girls they'd get one day all to themselves. So I called up another mom I'm trying to make be my friend friendly with and she brought her two boys and met us at an indoor playground.

This place is crazy big and divided into about two dozen different "rooms," each with a different theme. The walls, however, only stand about three feet tall, so parents can see their kids from different rooms. It's like a giant cubicle farm for children. There's a bug room, a space room, a beach room, a school house room, a music room, a weather station room, etc. The fireman room has an actual fire truck in it - that's how extensive this place is.
We spent about two hours there, had lunch at the cafe, and then they played for another two and a half hours before they even started to look like they might be wearing out. Once we got in the car, however, it was crash city and at a stop light, I turned my camera backwards to take this picture:

I love that these girls mostly get along. That they play together. Have meaningful conversations. There is always going to be bickering and that, I expected, but my first thought when we found out that The Caterpillar was going to be a girl was that I hoped they'd grow up to have a close relationship with one another. I don't know how much a parent can really do to influence that one way or another, but every once in awhile you get a glimpse of what might be and this picture gives me hope.