This is a fun little experiment I saw somewhere on the web and used it to entertain The Dormouse the other day. We wasted a lot of food coloring and a LOT of milk doing this over and over with different variables each time. What will happen if we put extra food coloring in? What do you think will happen if we put warmer milk in? What if we put the drops of food coloring in a line instead of a circle? What if you stir it with a toothpick? I probably should have been more worried about the mess and wasting of food, after all, I hear there are starving kids in China, but I was more interested in what would happen next than The Dormouse was.

For those who wish to replicate the experiment, you need three things: milk, dish washing liquid, and food coloring. Whole milk and Dawn dish washing liquid (or something that claims to break up grease) work better (and yes, we tested that too). The rest, you can see for yourself.

There's another twenty minutes of video that I'll spare you from watching, but I was just interested in how long those colors would keep moving and changing. I finally got bored and tossed it out about minute twenty-six. The world will never know.