It is perhaps possible that I need a New York City Intervention. I love Crappy Economy where it's cheap to travel again. It makes my new obsession with this city so much easier to feed. Here are just a few photos to tide you over while I catch up on all the work I've been putting off as well as try and figure out how to write about my experience with the Nazi Security Guard at The Daily Show. Click to embiggen - they look much better in a larger format.

I have no idea what this church was... I just liked the angle at which I happened to come across it.

This time I was able to cross two goals off my bucket list: see a
Broadway play and be in the same room with Jon Stewart. (Before I left we had a family prayer together, as we sometimes do, and The KingofHearts actually said the following: "...and bless Momma, so she'll travel safely and that she won't run off with Jon Stewart and will come back to us." I'd say something about him being flippant and untrusting because I love my husband and have no intention of leaving him ever, but Jon Stewart is on my list so what that means is if it were a possibility I'd have to think long and hard before running off with Jon anyway.) Eating my way through Manhattan wasn't on the list, but I managed to do that too and with the help of my let's split everything so we can try more stuff partner, I managed to do it without gaining three hundred pounds.

Detail on the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We went to quite a few museums and never went inside any this trip. Truth be told... I'm really in it for the architecture. This is possibly a layover from reading The Fountainhead four times. Every time I have gone to New York, I've come home with a rash on the back of my neck from the rubbing of collar of the coat I was wearing while I constantly looked up.

Happy hour lasts a little longer in NYC than I'm used to in D.C.

And window displays are a little more S&M than in our nation's Capitol.

At least I don't need a Lawn Jockey Intervention.