If you're like me and rarely venture out of your blog aggregator, you won't notice this at all but if you occasionally remember that this here blog thing is part of a larger website and is meant to be read within a visually pleasing design, then you'll notice I've been working on a new template.

I loved my old template, designed by a
really cool person who made some of her hard work available to stupid blog novices like me... for free. (This, is to have the true love of Christ.) I really had no desire to change except for the fact that Blogger has introduced a whole new snazzy template language that wasn't completely compatible with the code of my pink and black flowers. So while that template still worked, it was created several years ago and a lot of the new capabilities I've tried to implement over the past year or so weren't supported by the old language. Not that that mattered, I guess, since I can't even remember now what it was I was trying to implement so I'm thinking it wasn't all that important. But as to them switching over entirely one day, the handwriting seems to be on the wall.

I realize that there are still a lot of problems with this template - for some reason, pictures are no longer included in posts for email subscribers (which doesn't make sense to me at all since it's still the same feed burner) and I'm still trying to work out much of the new code to be less of a strain on the eyes (seriously, why do the text on the side bar and in the comments HAVE to be the same color?). It would be nice if there were some type of tutorial to explain what means what in their html code because then my hunt and peck, trial and error method of making changes could be streamlined somewhat. It's times like these that having a little bit of knowledge backfires on you because you might know something about html code, but you don't know enough. So what that does is make you stubbornly refuse to pay someone else to create a design for you since you can "do it yourself for free." But then it will take you so much time that you might as well have paid someone to do it and it would be over and done with in a fraction of the time it will take you and even if it wasn't, at least if you had an issue with the final product, it would be someone else's problem. Instead you will fiddle and futz with it until you die just to change that text over there from dark gray to a slightly lighter shade of gray. Or is that just me? Anyway, I've adopted a zen approach and am trying to just fix one thing at a time as it bothers me in order of importance for what bothers me the most. Today, I'm just happy it doesn't still say "Blog-Title-Here" where the header should be.

That is all to say I hope you like the new look around here. While I know there are some problems I'm trying to work out, ultimately, it seems to be much more in character with how I view my life and household. My apologies if something is not working for you here. I'd like to say I'll lose some sleep over it, but since I couldn't really sleep much less and still be a functioning human, that seems unlikely.