While souring the internet (so I don't have to), Monica came across a list of the best food carts in New York and at the top of the list stood Moshe's Falafel Stand, deep in Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen is by far, my favorite area in the city and I've said several times that if I were to move to New York, I'd try as hard as I could to live in Hell's Kitchen and only partly because I relish the idea of being able to say, "I live in Hell's Kitchen." Now I have another reason to want to live there, and it's this modest little place:

Moshe's is listed on multiple websites as one of the best Kosher places in New York. Could this photo then be any more perfect? Honestly, I did not even notice when I took it. I only clued in to it later when I read Monica's post - color me observant.

We arrived at Moshe's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with lines of drool dripping from the corners of our mouths, and the good people working alongside whom I have to assume is THE Moshe looked up at us, blinked twice and said, "Um... yeah... we don't have any food ready yet." Apparently New Yorkers don't simply don't line up for falafels as a mid-morning snack. We, however, were not so easily put off.

"When will you be open?"

"Fifteen minutes."

So we hung around in a shoe store for ten minutes and came back.

"Not ready yet."

"When will it be ready?"

"Fifteen minutes."

So we walked around the block and came back.

"Now? now? NOW?"

"Not yet."

So we walked a little more and came back. I caught the guy's eye and he waved us over.

"Now we are ready for you!"

I guess he admired our persistance because when Moshe wasn't looking he slipped an extra falafel into the bag and said, "I put extra in there because you such big fans!"

I've only recently become a fan of the chickpea and in falafel form, I have to admit that I'm not all that well-schooled. But I haven't had a better falafel - free one or not - in my life. So Moshe has to be doing something right. I just hope Moshe didn't notice the extra one that was slipped into my bag. I'd hate to think that extra falafel ball came out of his pay.