Years ago, I had a relative who raised horses and on his ranch, he had a zebra. He claimed it was the only zebra in the world that was tame enough to be ridden by humans. I don't know now if that was true but as a fourteen year old child in pre-internet years, I had no reason not to believe him. He had it making appearances all over the place, including a televised special of Doug Henning's magic. I remember when the show aired, feeling rather impressed with myself because I had helped to muck out the stall of a famous zebra!

It's been a very long time since I've been to that ranch -- and a divorce in the family has made that relative not a relative to me anymore. While visiting with my cousin a couple of months ago, I learned the famous zebra had died. So when I got to get up close and personal with this pack of zebras, I felt like we connected. And we poured out a little feed on the ground for our fallen homie.