Monica once told me about this guy in her home town who owned a llama and went around town selling "Llama-grams." As I understand it, this involved the guy showing up at some one's front door with a llama on a leash, delivering a birthday card for some pre-arranged fee, then wandering off with his llama before it spits on the birthday card recipient... leaving an awestruck celebrant standing at the door with mouth agape. Or at least that's how I imagine the scene. So when we went to the Safari Park last week, all I could think was "Look at all the Llama-grams! These people could be rich!"

Meet George. Or at least that's what we called him. He's the one pacing us in the video here. He followed us a good half mile, so we felt we knew him intimately.

I imagine this guy's name to be Pickles.

Both George and Pickles seem to be in need of a good dentist.