Especially ones that can see over the stroller.

We spent the day this weekend with the Cootie Family and The Caterpillar learned about life the hard way... namely that bigger, more savvy kids will not only refuse to share their toys with you, but also will become incredibly upset when you have your own toy and seem to be happy. So they will then throw their own toy on the ground and yank your toy from your hand as well, making you cry. Also, that the two moms who are supposed to be refereeing this event will find this so funny that they will continually give you a the toy that was thrown on the ground every time the big girl takes the toy you are holding, knowing full well that the big girl will just take that new toy. You will cry and they will laugh even more when you forget what you were crying about, only to have the whole scene begin again. But this will steel and prepare you for high school when the head cheerleader continually steals your boyfriend(s). You'll thank your mother later.

Also, you should totally go to Moorenkos and get the LemonRaspBarryWonderMint ice cream because it's really good and if you do, please complain that they haven't put the full name of the flavor on their board, leaving off "Barry" part and the people who paid for this present should get a refund if they can't actually feature the featured ice cream chef.

That is all.